The Bulletin Board.


*dusts off the blog* Hey, friends.  Sorry it’s been so long.  Things have gotten a little weird at Tattooed Trilobite HQ.  Since the last post went up, I’ve both gained and lost a job.  So once again I’m SOL and unemployed and have a little more time to focus on ~creative projects~ while pumping out job application after job application.  (Side note, hey, any environmental consulting firms in NJ looking to hire a pink-haired geologist with 4+ years experience?  Get at me.)

I’ve been doing a couple things – spending a lot of time on Twitch, recording some podcasts for the Shylox Gaming Podcast as one of their new cohosts, and finally, FINALLY getting my YouTube channel somewhat off the ground.  As of this entry, I have a few scripts in the process of being written, a whole ton of ideas, and some footage sitting on my SD card.  I’d love to have my first video up by mid-July, but we’ll see how steep the learning curve for Adobe Premiere is.

Since I’ve had all this…”free time,”  I spent some time at my parents’ house this weekend.  While poking around my childhood bedroom, I found a small container with every 1″ or so button I ever kept on my purse throughout most of college.  I couldn’t believe all the ones I still had, honestly – they would fall off, get lost, get ruined in the rain…either way, it’s a shock that so many are still intact.

I hurriedly brought them home to add to my Bulletin Board.

The Bulletin Board is something that I bought for myself when I moved, a place where I can keep mementos of important things at the ready when I need a pick-me-up, something to smile fondly about, or just a reminder that I’m not entirely alone.  (Living by yourself when you’re an extrovert sucks.  Trust me.)

Let’s go over a few of these treasures, shall we?

The treasure trove of buttons – well, some of those are newer (the #sub2yungtown one by the delightful AllKindsOfYES and the O SHIT WADDUP), but some I’ve had since before I started college.  There’s a treasure trove of local bands, Goethe Institute German, babby Elyse feminism, and Hot Topic relics in there.  Did you spot the Myspace Music pins?  How about the I Am Loved ones?  If this doesn’t bring you back to the scene in 2006, I don’t know what will.  My favorite of this entire lot is probably the “SXE is sexy” one – on a trip to Connecticut for a show, my friends Meg and Casey – who had never met previously – banded together to buy this for me.  And hey, it’s been like 10 years, and I’m still straight edge, so at least their purchase wasn’t for naught.

Parading across the top are the remnants of my My Little Pony collection as well as survivors of my blind bag obsession.  They’re fine.  The remainder went to a former co-worker’s niece; I hope both she and they are well.

As for the meat – the mementos section.  You’ll see pictures of me and my best friend/non-blooded sister/cosplay partner Sarah in our matched costumes from AnimeNext 2014, the hint of the postcard letting me know I was accepted into the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestant pool, the badge from the one and only academic conference I’ve ever attended (‘sup, GSA Northeast 2011, you were awful), the backing card from a Monster High fashion pack featuring my girl Operetta, a first place ribbon earned wearing one of those sets of costumes with Sarah at Clovercon 2015, my Diancie download card, a sticker from my piercer’s studio (much love to Lenae at Diamond Heart Studios), and tickets galore!  Tickets from the last time I saw Jimmy Eat World (which is an emotional story in and of itself), from my trip to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, from the time I saw Kathy Griffin do a live stand-up set and two of the movies I saw in theaters with my one ex (Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night).  There’s also a playing card – that was found on the floor of the hotel the night my friends Matt and Caitie got married, so I snagged it as a reminder.  And tucked away behind everything, though it really shouldn’t be, I’m just running out of room – is a delightful Carmen Sandiego postcard by Tiana of WaffleBubble.

It’s weird to think that there are ten whole years’ – and then some! – worth of memories tucked into these ribbons or stuck to the corkboard.  And especially lately, in times of emotional distress, it’s nice to have something a little grounding.

Do you have any memory displays?  Whether it’s a tucked-away box, a cork board, or a picture in your wallet that keeps you going, let me know in the comments!

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