The Dinosaur Dracula October 2015 Funpack: Unboxing!

As I’ve mentioned a few times now – not to beat a dead horse – I lost my job at the beginning of the month.  The same day, I was reminded that it was time for my Halloween Mood Table, and made mention of my crappy situation in the comments over at Dinosaur Dracula.

What happened next will warm your heart.  (Sorry for the clickbaity turn of phrase, but the thought has made me cry quite a few times since then!)

Some kind souls from the DD comments section, the kind and generous souls that they are, offered to buy me this month’s Funpack as a way to keep my spirits high.  It arrived this morning, with a note from Matt saying that a second thing would be whizzing my way later this month!  So much love and hugs to Brew Berry – your kindness will not be forgotten, and I will pay it forward as soon as I have the ability to. ❤  That being said, there are some great things in this Funpack, so how about an unboxing video?

(You might notice two things: comments are disabled on Youtube and my hair…isn’t pink.  The former is because the last thing I need is some Youtube goon to leave some kind of unsavory comment about my weight/appearance/fuckability, and the latter is because I had to dye my hair back to a ~*normal color*~ for a recent job interview.  The problem is, I hate it, and though you can see it if you poke through my various social media channels, I would really rather not be seen with my hair this awful.  Hence my sister’s beautifully styled wig!)

Thanks for watching, everyone!  I actually kind of enjoyed making this vlog, so expect more maybe…this time with a better camera and some HD resolution?

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