The 2015 Halloween Mood Table!

It’s October!  That means a few things:

  1. I didn’t post for the entire month of September, oops
  2. It is now fall, the greatest season of them all, and

It’s no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love costumes, I love spooky things, I love candy, I love it all.  Many of us have been celebrating Halloween since September began, but I’ve been a little slow to start.  Mostly because, well, I lost my job last week.  It’s rough.  Without getting into specifics, my former company let a few of us go at the beginning of the month with no warning.  And, well, that sucks.

But I am determined to not let my Halloween spirit be diminished by something like that.  October is my favorite month, after all.  Only good things happen in October.

So now, may I present to you, dear readers, my 2015 Halloween Mood Table!

20151006_232142What is a Halloween Mood Table, you might ask?  Well, some years ago, Matt over at X-Entertainment/Dinosaur Dracula was having a hard time getting into the Halloween spirit.  You burn out sometimes, it happens to the best of us.  What better way to remind yourself of how awesome this season can be than to surround yourself with the spoopiest, creppiest things you can find?  Let’s do a rundown of my items this year:


  • a real sweet spooky glitter skull/spider floral arrangement I picked up from my local Michaels on sale, excellent job Gabriella!
  • a puzzle box painted by my incredible sister Karyn
  • two Halloween Mini Lalaloopsy dolls: Scraps Stitched ‘n Sewn and Boo Scaredy Cat
  • two Monster High DVDs: Haunted and Freaky Fusion (I haven’t gotten Boo York, Boo York yet!)
  • a fucking precious plush witch doll I got at Wegmans last night
  • a pretty pumpkin cream smelling candle, yum!
  • books: Hubert’s Freaks, a blank diary I picked up at the Disney Store when The Great and Powerful Oz was a thing (on clearance, and my chinchilla has nibbled on it) and Coraline
  • some lovely glittery pumpkins and more skulls
  • Casta Fierce, because no Monster High Halloween would be the same without her
  • and a lovely print of Charlotte, one of my favorite works of Karyn’s art, which you can purchase on her Etsy if you are interested along with much more of her stunning art!  (If she doesn’t have the print available, convo her!)
  • four sticky glow in the dark eyeballs, because why not!
  • a spooky spider web table runner!

I also managed to get my hanging spider’s web suspended (yay!) and some lights all through the tree, as well as hang my Brian Ewing print!  My favorite part of the whole mood table (aside from Karyn’s art) is how it looks with the lights off:

20151006_232243Have a great October, everyone!  I’ve got some more posts in the pipeline soon, including a review of those Canadian Do Me A Flavour chips!  My dear friend Claire is currently visiting from Scotland and we’re trying to squeeze literally everything we can into the four days before New York Comic Con this weekend, so as usual, posting may be slow.  Take care of yourselves and have a super spoopy October!

3 responses to “The 2015 Halloween Mood Table!

  1. Hey there- I’m here from the Toast, and I have to thank you for alerting me to your own site and to Dinosaur Dracula, because October/Halloween is my favorite time of year as well! Anyway, I’m so sorry about your job, but your mood table is gorgeously spooky; thank you for posting and general well wishes to you for the rest of October and Halloween (and beyond).

    • This is a super late reply, but thank you so much for the kind words! ❤ I'm hoping for some good news in the near future but keeping my spirits high 🙂

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