The Return of Underoos! [Review]

UnknownUnderoos are one of those things that someow ended up in my lexicon without actually knowing what they were.  I was led to believe initially that it was just a silly, cute catch-all term for underwear.  I was corrected by, of all things, a Facebook ad.

Since they were a wee bit before my time, I learned that Underoos are a trademark held currently by Fruit of the Loom for licensed children’s underwear sets.  Last year, FTL licensed the property out to a third-party manufacturer, who began to reproduce a lot of vintage Underoo sets, not only in kids’ sizes, but also for adults!

This might have gone under my radar, except for two things:

a) Adblock doesn’t work on my work computer, and
b) They started out with a She-Ra, Princess of Power design.

masters-universe-she-ra-packageShe-Ra was my FAVORITE as a kid.  She and her brother He-Man were staples of my childhood TV rotation, and I’ll definitely cover more on both of them later – He-Man was my first word, after all – and she’s been on my “to cosplay” list for a long, long time now.  But before I start buying all of the supplies to make the costume and craft a headpiece out of Worbla, I figured I’d give these new Underoos a shot.

(If I had one gripe, it would be that I wish they’d branch out more into extended sizes!  Fat gals love fun underwear too, and though I fit in the high end of the size range, I know lots of people who would toss lots of money this way if the sizes ran a bit higher  Just saying. ;P)

I wish I had thought to photograph the box when it arrived, but the idea to resurrect this blog hadn’t happened just yet, and we used it as a stand to hold our hot glue guns while making wings for the Faerie Festival a few weeks ago.


The packaging was great!  Sarah thought they were actually vintage when I pulled them out of the box.  They’re soft and tagless, which is great for sleeping.

Of course, I had to take a few pictures of myself modelling the wares, because there’s few things more powerful than holding up Hello Kitty and saying “I AM SHE-RA” because you don’t own a sword.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend these to anyone looking for comfy, fun-derwears.  They currently come in 29 different character styles, from DC Comics to Star Wars to MOTU and more!  They’re also apparently looking to branch out in their licensing, and if you use the hashtag #IWantMyUnderoos, they’re taking suggestions, too.

What do you think?  Who would you wear?  I’m personally hoping they make some of the men’s properties in women’s styles, because I would sooooo wear Skeletor unders.

(Side note: I’m working on gathering up some cool vintage stuff to talk about, rummaging through old buckets and bins to see what I have readily available.  If you’re local and you have some things you’d like me to photograph and discuss here at TT, let me know!)

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