Lay’s Do Us A Flavor 2015 Finalists – Ranked!


I know I’m a little late on reporting this, but anyone who follows my personal Facebook can attest: I had some difficulty finding these!  The past two flavor winners, 2013’s Cheesy Garlic Bread and 2014’s Wasabi Ginger, have both been my favorites of the selections, and after last year’s Cappuccino disaster, I had no idea what Frito-Lay was gonna throw at us.  A hot tip from a coworker pointed me in the direction of both Shop-Rite and Walgreens, where I was able to collectively find all four flavors over three separate trips.

The entire Trilobite family gave these a shot, because what brings a family together more than eating bizarre potato chips?  I will include their comments should I remember them, because this was two weeks ago at least.  I went to Wal-Mart over lunch today to get some pictures of the bags for posterity, and also so that this entry wasn’t a giant wall of text.

These, out of all of them, were the ones I wanted to try the most.  Biscuits and gravy is one of my all-time favorite breakfasts, though nary a drop of southern blood runs through my veins.  The south definitely has a firm handle on breakfast, but would that translate well into potato chip form?

YES, hell yes it would.  The chips don’t have a very strong smell to them, so it was hard to predict what they’d taste like.  The flavoring itself is more reflective of the sausage gravy, and there are definite sage notes from the breakfast sausage.  The biscuit is a little harder to detect…until you realize that the chip base itself is supposed to be the biscuit, and then you realize that your mind has been BLOWN.

This one was the overall family favorite.  Karyn and I couldn’t stop eating them and didn’t really want to put down the bag to try the others.  Dad was drawn to these as well, but Mom wasn’t a big fan.

20150825_132331CHIP #2: NEW YORK REUBEN
I was hesitant with the reuben chips, because I Really Do Not Like Sauerkraut.  As such, I tend to avoid reubens in general, even though I’m a big fan of corned beef.  The smell upon opening the bag was…strong.  Not something I’d be entirely excited to eat based on smell alone, but I was doing this For Science, much like the time I voluntarily ate a KFC Double Down for a blog long since deleted, and chomped down.

Surprisingly, it was pretty good!  Not something I’d eat on the regular, but if it was my only option, I wouldn’t forego it.  They have a bit of a tang to them, and definitely taste better than they smell.  They don’t smell nearly as bad as Garden Tomato and Basil, which we have affectionally dubbed “foot chips,” but that initial whiff was still pretty off-putting.

Mom and Dad liked these way more than Karyn or I did.  This may be because Mom is perpetually on the quest for the “perfect reuben,” the title currently held by the Whippany Diner in Whippany, NJ.

First off, the word is pronounced “yee-roh,” not “jy-roe.”  I am not Greek, but I keep forgetting how to say it right, so this is as much a reminder for me as it is for you.  I like Greek/Mediterranean food, but have never had a gyro, so again – I didn’t know what to expect.

And, well…I didn’t expect them to be that BAD.  The smell was atrocious and the chips…I had to cleanse my palate with Southern Biscuits and Gravy to make the aftertaste go away.  I have tasted dirt under my fingernails better than the taste of these.  I had high hopes since last year’s Kettle Cooked, the Wasabi Ginger, were my favorites, but this was an absolute disaster.  No stars.

Speaking volumes for her taste buds, these were my mother’s favorite.  I’m just thankful that these and the Reuben chips were found in snack-size bags, not full-size.  I would have hated to have wasted that much disgusting potato chip.

This picture from today’s Wal-Mart adventure should speak to how gross these chips are…


tl;dr: they suck.

These chips were the hardest to find, but three stores later, we got ’em.  A full-size bag was all that could be located, so I really, really hoped they wouldn’t be as awful as the gyro ones.  They were also the scariest – I was afraid they would taste too much like cheap truffle oil, which is just not a flavor I like At All.

They did not!  They were actually really yummy, kind of an earthier sour cream and onion.  Karyn was a big fan of these, as she can’t have regular sour cream and onion chips (they have MSG, and MSG is a *huge* migraine trigger for her, so she avoids them as best she can), but there was no MSG in the truffle chips.  We almost killed the whole bag on the ride back from Shop-Rite alone.

For me, the clear winner here was Southern Biscuits and Gravy.  They’re mellow for sure, but have a real pleasant flavor and I liked them so much I went out and bought a second full-size bag a few days later.  Next were the West Coast Truffle Fries, another pleasant but similar flavor.  Ranking third are the New York Reuben, a flavor I’d probably like more if I liked the original product, and then one two skip a few ninety-nine one hundred are the Greektown Gyro, something I would be glad to never eat again.

I’m working on getting the 2015 Canadian flavors as well, but those are going to either a) be very expensively imported or b) wait until November, when I’ll be meeting up with my Canadian correspondent (slash good friend) and she can hand deliver them.

So there you have it.  The Tattooed Trilobite definitive ranking of 2015 Do Us A Flavor chips!  Which have you tried?  Liked?  Stay tuned for more adventures in snack foods!

2 responses to “Lay’s Do Us A Flavor 2015 Finalists – Ranked!

  1. I haven’t had any interest in trying the novelty flavor chips after trying 2014’s Cappuccino; fam tried to repurpose the bag by sprinkling crushed Cappuccino chips on top of brownies, which was a good idea but unsuccessful in execution.
    I’m pretty well convinced to give in to my curiosity to try biscuits and gravy chips though!

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