Hello, June! TT’s May Favorites

I always do this.  Without fail I get inspiration for a few entries in a row, then fail to update for close to three months at a time.  WOO GO ME.  I will again make an empty promise to update more, and hopefully it’ll stay true.  Who knows?  Anyway, I figured I’d open up June with some of my favorite things from the past month!

#1: Une Petit Fatass

My sister Karyn and I started a plus-sized fashion blog last month, and I’m really having fun with it! I’ve attempted to make a more conscious effort to look put together, and it seems to be working. I also now have a place to write about my nail polish addiction, so yay! Care to look?

#2: 25 Burgers

25 Burgers is a local burger place that opened up a few years ago that for some reason I found myself avoiding. Maybe it was the fact that I used to love the place that was there originally, maybe it was because I’m weird, I don’t know. Karyn and I broke down and went for the first time last month and holy shit I was missing SO MUCH. They’ve got a great selection (when they say 25 Burgers, it’s more like 25 burgers, chicken sandwiches, turkey burgers, bison burgers, crabcakes, veggie burgers, and more) and they have the absolute best fries I have ever eaten. Get the seasoned fries with cheese and bacon. You won’t be disappointed.

#3: Geocaching

No caches here, but boy is Vermont pretty!

I took a nice little weekend trip last month to visit Vermont, meeting up with some awesome Canadian friends while I was up there. They introduced me to a hobby of theirs, geocaching! It’s basically a giant global hide and seek/treasure hunt, where you find hidden things – or “caches” using longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. We ended up finding three caches that day and I got bitten. Unfortunately, I don’t have a smartphone or handheld GPS, so I haven’t been able to find as many as I’d like – but I did find another two today! If you’re a fellow cacher, add me as a friend!

#4 Peanut Butter & Co.’s White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter


Phew! That’s kind of a mouthful, isn’t it?

Memorial Day is always the Tour of Somerville, a huge cycling race that goes on for hours. There are always vendors and other assorted fun things along the way, and this year some vendors were by from Peanut Butter & Co. They had samples of all of their flavors, and after I accidentally dropped it on myself (whoops) I fell for their White Chocolate Wonderful variety. Oh man. You don’t even need to put it on anything – it’s perfect as is. But it’s also really good on pears. YUM.

#5: Would I Lie To You?

True story: I rarely, if ever, watch American TV. If I do, it’s one of my treasured game shows or something intended for kids like Phineas and Ferb or My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, though, I can watch my favorite UK based shows. Would I Lie To You? is currently finishing up its sixth season and it may be better than ever. It doesn’t hurt that Rob Brydon is one of my favorite people in the entire world, either. You’ll have to search Youtube for them as the season is still going on and they’re being pulled left and right.

What are you digging?

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