Elyse & Cheese: A Love Story

Everyone, I have a problem.

That problem is cheese.

“But how?” you may ask.  “You’re not lactose intolerant, Elyse!  How can cheese be a problem?”  The problem is that cheese is slowly consuming my life.  When I go to the grocery store?  Cheese section.  Costco?  Cheese section.  Google?  Lookin’ up cheese LIKE A BOSS.

I was out at Shop-Rite with my sister this weekend and they had a little display set up of Cheez-Its.  Apparently they’re running this promotion where you get to vote for your favorite flavor…and honestly, I didn’t even KNOW there were more than three flavors of Cheez-It.

Image(Photo courtesy Google Image Search)

So I bought this tiny box of crackers, which contained samples of Cheddar Jack, Baby Swiss, and Colby.  We got back out to the car, and I decided to eat them in the order I thought I’d like them least.

First up was Cheddar Jack.  I’m not a big fan of cheddar jack in concept and don’t really like it on food, but DAMN were these delicious!  They have a flavor powder on the outside similar to Flavor Blasted Goldfish and are zesty and tangy.  Those words are probably synonyms but I cannot accurately describe how good these are.

Next was Colby.  Apparently Colby won the new flavor contest last year against Asiago and Romano, and I can totally see why.  They also have a flavor powder like the Cheddar Jack, but they’re generally milder and richer.

Up last was Baby Swiss.  I was desperately hoping that these would be like the old Nabisco Swiss Cheese crackers that got discontinued that I really miss, but no.  Oh, no.  These tasted like mayonnaise.  If I wanted mayo crackers, I still probably wouldn’t eat them because they were so gross.  Who voted for these??

Anyway, Cheez-It, your marketing ploy worked.  I went back to the grocery store the next day and bought three boxes of Cheddar Jack and a box of Colby for myself.  And now I can’t stop.

Elyse and cheez: true love at first nom

On top of that, Hot Carl and I are going skiing in Vermont next week.  Why am I so excited?  Because I get to bring home the most delicious hickory maple smoked cheddar I have ever eaten.  When the most excitement I get in my life comes from cheese, I just may have a problem.

…I am thinking that this may end up turning into a food blog sooner rather than later.  What do you all think?

(Please note that I have not received anything from Cheez-It or Sunshine Brands to talk about Cheez-Its…I just really, really like Cheez-Its.)

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