Ctrl + Z (Or, if you’re one of those fancy Mac people, Command + Z)

I think I figured out what I’ve been doing wrong this whole time.

When I have a public blog, I write about things that seem important, then just…stop. This totally defeats the purpose of having a blog and seems, all in all, like a waste of the $15 I spend on my domain name yearly.

Then I discovered Epbot, and it just clicked. I have to blog about things I like whether or not other people like them. Blogging is a shared platform for certain, but all in all there has to be a certain amount of the author in there or else it’ll just be like the rest of the blogs in the world that nobody reads.

From now on, there’s going to be a hell of a lot more me in this blog.

Things you can expect to see posted about, with some relative frequence:

+ abandoned places, urban exploration, and Chernobyl
+ really nerdy things
+ pictures of outfits I’ve worn that make me feel good
+ photography and pictures from trips I go on, and just random in general
+ a LOT more personal anecdotes
+ hair metal
+ pictures of things I want but cannot afford
+ guest blogs from good friends, I hope!

…and honestly, who knows what else? This blog is my playground and I’m going to take every opportunity to have fun with it.

So that’s it. The brand new shiny blog-without-a-goal Tattooed Trilobite. I hope you dig it as much as I do!

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