Welcome to The Tattooed Trilobite!

Ladies and gents, I bid you a fond welcome to The Tattooed Trilobite. My former blog, Bitch Like A Geologist, was a great deal of fun, but something I found to be quite limiting. People wanted science posts, and sadly, I wasn’t able to produce that kind of content that frequently…hence why the last post with any substance is in May.

You may be thinking “…but why tattooed trilobite? It’s so WEIRD!” Well, let’s face it…*I’m* weird.

The kind of content I hope to generate can vary wildly – nostalgic reminiscing, fashion, science, fashionable science, music, more “experiments” akin to that of the Double Down fiasco, and, well, anything else that really comes to mind. Any suggestions for content you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo Elyse

7 responses to “Welcome to The Tattooed Trilobite!

  1. Let’s hope this one sticks. I’d hate to have you scour your body for other titles.
    The Winged Spine Speaks, Cobra Commander Comments, Lobster Lingo, Cape May is not a Wrinkle in my Site….
    I love you, kiddo. Keep writing, but finish your bloody thesis!!!!!

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